A law that will protect victims of narcissistic sociopathic abuse

Yes, it is true.
I am working together with an organization from Texas to try to pass a nation-wide law that will protect victims from narcissistic sociopathic abuse.

Here’s a short overview of what I will be in support of.

No one should ever have to feel that taking their own life is the only option to be free of their abuser.

To prevent this type of abuse happening to others, the following are proposed as Shane’s Narcissistic Abuse Protection Laws or Shanes’s Law:

 1. Immediate and Permanent No Contact restraining/protective orders in place to protect victim for life. (Abusers attempt contact to reenter victims lives after 1, 5, 10 years or longer, for Narcissistic Supply). Supervised child exchanges for those having to co-parent with an abuser.

Abusers to face criminal charges, up to and including jail time and no access to online services. (To prevent hacking of personal/financial/credit accounts, cyberstalking, online smear campaigning, harassment, and attempts to locate and monitor the victim).

3. Inability for abuser to use the legal/court system for frivolous charges and accusations against victim. Thorough investigations required. (Narcs accuse their victims of doing to them, what they are, in-fact actually doing to the victim.) In the event abusers do not abide by standing legal agreements, stiffer punishments for not doing so. (Narcs will not abide by rules or laws, because they truly believe laws do not apply to them. This is why they continue to harass, stalk, and abuse even with standing legal orders in place.)

4. Restitution to victims.

(These are just starting points)

I will keep updating as new information comes forward.  

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