The case: step one

I will continue to update those of you who are following one of the biggest cases I e ever done alone; the legal fight to get my kids away from Sara’s narcissistic parenting; or lack thereof. 

Today, I successfully completed step one; filing all my paperwork with the court, AND having the judge approve my fee waiver!  Not only does this Save me the $102 filing fee I cannot afford, but it creates a blanket of grandfathered fees that are associated with this motion. Meaning?  If a guardian ad Litem is appointed, there will be no fee for me ($2500).  If her and I are subject to psychological evaluations (which I hope to see this) there will be no cost to me ($5000) and so on.  

Sara will have to pay for all legal fees, court fees, and anything that is ordered by our judge. 

This day and this news is a small victory already for me, and a kick in Sara’s shorts. She’s going to be livid when she hears this. Plus her attorney is already attempting to discredit me for my inexperience. I plan to take the high road. I will not go to war in the dirt. But remain calm and focused. 

So, today, step one is done. Now, approaching step two; awaiting Sara’s counter claims against me…..

I’m ready to face this demon…..

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