Sneak peek into my life right now. 

I’m feeling like opening a door. Most of you may know I’ve started a uphill legal battle against Sara and her high powered attorney to try to get my kids away from her. In a small town in central Minnesota (USA), it’s 10:30pm on a Tuesday night and I’m preparing, studying and taking notes to help me in court. I’ve spent the past five years preparing for this and studying the law and narcissism in hopes of prevailing. 

I have documented, journaled, audio recorder and video recorded many different conversations between my kids and I to expose at this time. I have obtained the child protection files proving Sara’s physical Abuse towards Adam and myself and I’m praying for a miracle that the judge will hear all my evidence and rule in my favor. I have prepared 6-3″ 3 ring binders FULL of evidence; photos, emails, notes and such proving Sara is a complete lunatic. 

There’s no turning back. It will either be extremely triumphant or extremely disheartening. I will either gain the world or lose everything. Go big or go home. I truly have nothing to lose. I am scared of what Sara is capable of and what she’ll allege, but I need to pray that the justice system will do its job and protect the innocent and convict the guilty. 

5 thoughts on “Sneak peek into my life right now. 

  1. It seems you are well prepared. Now, you know I root for you in your recovery from sex addiction, and I most definitely want the best for your children as for any children in the world, but if they have a choice between a narcissistic mother and a sex addict father… they really have a terrible starting point in their lives. I am so sorry for that, my heart breaks for them. Truly. I hope you will not hate me for saying this, but putting them through this battle at a time when you yourself are not in a healthy place mentally, is a risky business at best. I’ll pray for them, I’ll pray that the outcome of this will serve their best interest.

    What does your wife think about this?


    1. My addiction, has been extremely long for the last year. I’m seeking treatment, and my therapist states that I may not be a full-fledged sex addict, however more of a addictive behavior due to the PTSD I suffered from Sara. When being evaluated, I showed no signs of being an actual sex addict, but having a compulsive behavior for a situation that occurred in a year or two ago. My wife thinks that they need to get away from Sara. She knows where I’m at with my recovery, and with her being who she is, completely normal and if I can say that, the children have a much better life with us than they would with her. My addiction does not get in the way of any sort of upbringing that I can provide for them. My sex addiction brought me three affairs in the last five years. I have gotten out of the evil pattern I was in and that self-destructive spiral. I am focused on better days each and every day, and have no intention of relapsing. Sara on the other hand, cannot change her behavior. She cannot change the fact that she’s a narcissistic sociopaths. The kids are suffering tremendously all emotionally, physically, psychologically. I think weighing the odds, they are far better in my care than they would be in hers

      No hatred or animosity towards you. I appreciate you speaking your mind on this. After all, isn’t that why we all blog?!

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      1. Hey, thanks for not taking this the wrong way and not taking it personally. I have no doubt you want the best for your kids – and it is awesome that you have your wife’s support in this as it is going to be a hard battle I am sure. Keep writing about it!


      2. I will continue to write updates here but the real life story will be in the sequel to Surviving Sara; which I’m in the middle of writing right now. It is one of the most monolithic events since I left Sara, so naturally it will be one of the most profound chapters in the book. The twist is, the ending of the book hasn’t happened in real life yet. I’m hoping for a happy ending, rather than a “to be continued…”

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