I met my former self today

Strangest thing happened to me today.I work for lawyers. Part of my job – actually, a lot of my job, is speaking to potential clients and finding out what their case is and then forwarding that information onto attorneys.  I’ve done this at least 100 times but never came across a case like today.

The guy who called me this morning was 35 years old, is married to a malignant narcissist with sociopathic, and  psychopathic behavioral traits.  Sounds familiar right? Oh, it gets better…

This guy started telling me that he had no clue who he was involved with until just the last couple months when he began to research her behavior.  He says she grooms their son to be a golden child, but at the same time treats him like a scapegoat. Their son, who is seven, has been seeing a therapist three times a week for the last few months.

He told me that she is amazingly controlling, manipulative, and always plays the victim.  As if I wasn’t completely entranced by this gentleman already, the next thing he said absolutely blew my mind.

He stated that his wife had physically assaulted him on more than one occasion, constantly verbally assaulted, degraded and emotionally beat him down.  On the locations where she had physically assaulted him, he had contacted the police and file a report. He tells me, that the police never really took him seriously for two reasons:  1) that he was a man claims to be abused by a woman. He said that they were slightly amused by this allegation which really made him feel like shit. 2) when the police showed up to investigate, his wife came around the corner after self abusing herself to make it look like he abused her. She showed tears and sadness manipulating the police to feel that she was the victim and assaulted him in self-defense.  Neither time we’re there any arrests made. 

One thing I can think God for is that he told me he had enough courage to separate from her. And now wants a divorce.  I shared a brief synopsis of my life with Sarah with him. He was absolutely dumbfounded; had no idea that there was another person although this was happening to; or had happened to. Marcel, he absolutely could not comprehend the fact that we live less than 60 miles apart.  The intake interview, turned into more of a conversation between two abuse victims of a narcissist.  I left that conversation with him making a comment to me. He said whether he’s able to hire an attorney to divorce her or not, he would like to stay in contact to try to see what I’ve done to survive and cope with leaving the narcissist.  I would love to help out this gentleman as when I was going through this I did not know where to look for help and I did not feel that help is even available. Knowing what I know now, I was way wrong.

I told him that if he reads, he could read my book, and listed the name of a few other books that I know that I have read from other bloggers and I follow and follow me here.  To those of you who’s I plugged – you’re welcome!

The reason I got into the legal field was for exactly this reason today. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone who needed help and didn’t know where to turn because of a manipulative narcissistic sociopaths. I also got an F to help other people that are in the same situation I was in. Today proved satisfaction for me, and I just hope that I’ll be satisfaction for the gentleman on the other end of the line. 

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