Ready for WAR

I spent 3 hours preparing my legal paperwork to file tomorrow to get my kids away from Sara.  3 hours of email gathering, highlighting, preparing exhibits with text messages, phone logs, data, statistics, photos, CPS reports, PD reports and a plethora of other items that not only brought tears to my eyes but triggered the pain once caused by Sara’s explosive anger. 

When I began this long and completely one sided road in an attempt to win my kids back, I found this scripture on the day I contacted Sara’s attorney to begin negotiations…

I look at it as “he” is referring to me. Their  is referring to my children. This hit me and I get strength. I am a nobody going up against one of the best attorneys in the city; David v Goliath. Who won that one?  …I fee I am ready for the war that will begin tomorrow. 

Everything I know and everything I’ve read about narcissists and sociopaths say you will lose a war against them; they will win in any court because they lie and manipulate and destroy you will false allegations. Call me crazy, call me stupid but I intend to be that one guy who took on a narcissistic sociopath in family court and beat her. I have nothing to lose and a world to gain. I am going to face her head on with no hesitation and a very vocal approach to expose her for what she truly is.  Wish me luck 

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