Florida USA Massacre 

This is different kind of post. I will start off by saying please be advised of the vulgarity and anger in this post. Please do not read if you’re offended by that. Having said that, here’s what I need to say. 

What the fuck is going on with the world?  So much hatred, heartache and trauma. It makes me sick. Fucking Alla and ISIS and all the bullshit that goes along with it. I know homeland security and the NSA are working on this but seriously, they need to get their shit in gear. 

One single man walks into a gay night club in Florida and open fires, killing 50 and severely wounding another 50. That’s 100 innocent people affected by one cowardly mother fucker who said he did that In the name of Alla. Alla?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but Alla stood for peace and to avoid wronging your brother. Fuck this asshole who claims to kill and injure all these people for a God that stood for peace. Fuck you prick. 

This is plastered all over the news as the largest massacre in US history. I get that and it’s terribly sad, but what really pissed me off are these ignorant fucks who’ve said “well, at least ISIS killed the gays this time”. WHAT?  Jesus Christ. I have to laugh at that. Since Dr King preached equal rights for all, we like to think that we’re a society and a Nation who’s proud of our equal rights, yet a concerning large percent of our population makes comments like this and feels those who are homosexual are of less importance as those of us who are heterosexual. To this I say-fuck you. 

People are people. Gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, (what am I forgetting?). ALL HUMANS ARE EQUAL. I’m a Caucasian heterosexual male. I have NO superiority over a black gay male (for example). He and I are equal.  

Some of these innocent people at the night club in Florida may have had children. They were someone’s brother, son, uncle, partner, Colleague…perhaps maybe even another’s inspiration and now they’re dead because of one dickhead who thought he was more powerful than them and who wanted to do it for ISIS. 

ISIS…now there’s a group of impotent worthless fucks. Nothing more than a group of men who most likely were always picked on on the playground. Now they’re attempting to terrorize the entire world. I know I’m one person, and a real nobody at that, but after life with Sara, I’ve been dead before. If anyone claiming to be doing anything for ISIS crosses my path, they’re done. Simple as that. 

There’s no reason anyone should be killing or terrorizing ANYONE for any reason. This is Earth, we’re all on it together. We all have to survive together. We have no where else to go. Look at your neighbor, brother, sister, friend, therapist, fellow bloggers and tell them you love them. Without sounding cliche, John Lennon preached love and he was right. Love is all you need. That’s it. Sounds simple, right? It is. 

Love your neighbor. Love yourself. You are the only you there is, and even if you absolutely hate yourself, there is at least one other person in this world who absolutely loves you exactly how you are and who you are. Don’t ever forget that and help another out if you see they need it. 

Pay it forward. One simple task can truly change our world and hopefully stop this disgusting shit from happening. 

Thank you for letting me vent about this incident. It angers me like nothing else. How people can be so ignorant and full of hate. Let’s change that. Thank you. 

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