Group help

I don’t talk about this much, but last night I went to my support group again for being a sex addict. Things haven’t been very good lately, and my wife decided that going back to group would be a good thing; it was.  I’m constantly struggling with my PTSD, and flashbacks and triggers. And even the remembrance of my acting out.  I feel very depressed to detached lately, not really myself.

I walked back into group to be welcomed and buy all The members, and felt very at home.  The topic last night was step one; very ironic since I was starting over myself.  I got through group with check in and everything, and felt a sense of strength after I left. Very rewarding. This afternoon I have my therapy session with my therapist that I’m looking forward to

It is very bittersweet way, I am proud to say that I am 11 months sober. I have not acted out since the last part of July last year.  It is not been easy to get temptation out of my mind, but I have done it, and I have no desire to act out ever again. It is one day at a time for me, some days it’s one moment at a time, but I’m always moving forward.  

2 thoughts on “Group help

  1. I think it’s great you went back to group. My understanding is that SA groups are for life because the recovery is a life-long process, too. You don’t heal, you just learn to manage your addiction. You are powerless – and if you stop going to group, you make space for the dark side. It is a massive commitment, to attend a group for life, but the reward should make it so worth it. I’m genuinely cheering for you.

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