It’s a beautiful, cool Tuesday morning. I’m taking my walk into work and the sun is shining on my face. The sounds of traffic are all around me as well as construction, because it Minnesota, summer is also known as construction season.
It’s funny, as I stand here and wait for the crosswalk sign to signal go, all around me is the hustle and bustle of commuters trying to get to work on time. At the same time I stand here in complete tranquility removing myself from the situation and wondering what it would be like to be someplace else.

Someplace peaceful, someplace where I don’t have to wear a watch or be anywhere at a certain time. Where the sun always shine’s in the calm breezes blow. Somewhere where I can look next to me and see my best friend smiling at me.  

But for now, that vision and wish will have to wait, as I am approaching work and entering the doors to the office 

Wherever you are today, take a minute and think about being someplace else; someplace peaceful and quiet. By some chance if you are at someplace quiet and peaceful, think of me. 

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