Never would have I ever thought to say these word not just to myself but aloud…

I’m in therapy and I love it! 

Therapy as itself brings a negative connotation but after years of narcissistic abuse and manipulation, I took a step and scheduled therapy. This is where I met…Sara. Ironic isn’t it?!  This Sara instead of destroying my life is saving it. She has been a Godsend to me and I look forward to every session I have on the calendar. 

I’ve attached to her as my therapist. Her personality and mine click. She makes me feel at ease and welcome to spill whatever I feel like saying however I feel like saying it without making me feel odd. The weird thing-she found things in me I never wanted anyone to know. I had to admit-she’s good. Real good. 

I’ve gone to 4 sessions with her now and I have realized I’m not a sex addict like I thought I once was (that’s a whole different story) but a person who has had compulsive addictive behavior due to my diagnosis of complex PTSD. 

In researching this new diagnosis, I’ve come to find that holy crap is that spot on. The more I see Sara (the good Sara) the closer I feel to being “normal” again. I understand it’s going to be a very long road but for a therapist to say to me “I’ll be there every step of the way” makes it seem achievable. I can do it. I want to do it and I WILL do it. I will overcome my narcissistic abuse and CPTSD. 

Thank God for Sara and the hell with Sara…did ya get that??? 😁

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