Thoughts of a friend 

I decided to reach out and offer a friendship to a person I want to get to know more.  A persons who struggles with something on a daily basis. I want to be a friend for them, an ear to listen and a voice to bein a smile to darkened days.  

I found a connection in someone who i can joke with and who I look forward to hear if from.  If I had my way, we’d live closer so that we could spend time together and strengthen this friendship, but a 6 HR time difference prevents that. 

Not often to I find a person on this earth that I open up to. Sara made me this way. But this friend, I fee as if I can open up. I only wish they could to. I wonder if they even know that I’m talking about them?  Anyway, I’m going to raise my glass to them and say cheers to you. A great person and good company!  I hope to continue this friendship as long as we can and who knows, maybe someday we meet in person!  Happy Monday to them 

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