New Book Teaser…. (Fiction)

sat in my parked vehicle down the alley way from her house with the lights off on a Saturday night. All the lights were off on neighborhood houses with the exception of a few porch lights and her living room lamp and a back porch light. I can see silhouettes moving around. There were two adult figures; one was her boyfriend, and the other was her. Her kids weren’t home, but at their grandmas down the road. I watched as the boyfriend came out the door, across the yard and through the fence gate. He got into his truck and drove off. She was the only one in the house. I slipped on my gloves and pulled my hood up. I was wearing my black sweatpants and a dark gray hoodie. I casually walked up to her back door and knocked. She swung the door open, thinking it was the boyfriend to see me and asked what the fuck I was doing there. I acted sad, and forced a few tear drops and asked her to speak to me and if she could come outside. She did. At that point, I…………………..

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