Gotta love the narcissistic parent. Can you sense my sarcasm?!  Sara loves to sign Adam and Michael up for sports during my limited parenting time. Not only that but they are at the same time and 10 miles apart!  How the hell am I supposed to get them both where they need to be on time?  Julia can’t-she’s unavailable. It’s just me. Because of this,two things happen:

Michael and Adam are angry with me because I can’t be on two places at once (alienation)

Sara can laugh and document that I am unable to “parent” our children because I take them to sports either way too early and leave them unattended while I rush to the other location and have the other child late. This makes me appear unreliable and lazy so she can take me to court and get my parenting rights terminated. Which is what she’s been gunning for for a while now. 

What I need is the ability to teleport. Yeah-that would solve things. But then she’s have them removed because I’d be looked at as a freak. A person who can teleport?  Weird. Maybe I’ll settle for being painted as unreliable instead of the truth; a father who’s stretching himself thin to make sure both his kids get where they need to be as close to on time as humanly possible. 

Adam and Michael don’t and won’t understand the truth. They only are brainwashed with her truths. Her truths are the real truth. All I have is my fabricated truth…according to Sara. 

Why?  Why did I have to get involved with a narcissistic sociopath?!!  

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