Nervous & Worried 

I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t been on here much. I’ve been drafting a request for more time with my kids and to make changes to my incredibly fked up divorce decree and for the last week that’s all I’ve done. I have one shot at this to get my kids away from Sociopathic Sara. 

She spent thousands on a high end attorney and I have… myself and not a dime more.  What do I have that she doesn’t?  True love for my children. Not the fake, display of what she thinks love is. I know my heart is in the right place, it just worries me that she will manipulate the courts again and I will leave feeling defeated and broken once again. I’m really trying not to let that get to me. 

I have to think positive. I have to. I cannot let her cloud my mind anymore. Tomorrow morning I am mailing a 9 page proposal to her attorney. She will not agree-this I know, so then we go before a judge and argue our reasons.  That’s when I’ll need strength and patience-maybe a little miracle. If for some reason I get no victory, that’s it. I’ll have to give up. I’ve given years to this and have always come up short. If I win, well I think it’s safe to say I’ll bawl like a baby. This is my Hail Mary pass and I just hope my guy in the end zone is ready to catch it. 

Religious or not, I ask that you say a prayer for me. I am going to need them for this.  This’ll be my last time trying to survive Sara.  Thank you. 

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